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An  healthy  and  holistic  plan  of  ultimate  importance  for daily  life.


An healthy and holistic plan

Posted by honeyorder on February 1, 2014 at 4:30 AM

An healthy and holistic plan of ultimateimportance for daily life.

The purpose of our is to provide a highly selective, quality knowledge about overall health,medical, fitness and wellness resources. Toemploy a healthy and holistic plan for daily life is essential for all of us. We believe the simplest way to achievethis goal is to connect the people to QUR’AN… an 'owner's manual for the human being’, and Sunnah, the way of life of TheMessenger of ALLAH (be upon him salah and salam). Wetook a holistic perspective and consideredwhat was of ultimate importance. Informationavailable on is authentic and encourages an open exchange of ideas and opinions. Theintended audience of the site is primarily Muslims but we attempt to make thisa quality centric resource which can be found useful by even other thanMuslims.

We are passionate about health and we hope thiswebsite helps to promote awareness of people aboutholistic wellness and allows people to seek peer-to-peer guidance throughour informative articles. is not amedical website, but is just a categorized collection of health articles, basedon the authentic and time-tested information provided in Glorious Qur’anand Hadeeth, regarding natural healing gifts like Honey,Dates,Oliveand Black Seeds etc. In case you need to get some Islamic health knowledgeabout a particular topic, you can either use the Contact Us on this siteor you can send an email to [email protected]


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